Well Water Testing Elmsford NY

We continuously talk to Greenwich CT, Stamford, CT, Weston, CT, Bedford, NY, and Pound Ridge, NY, Ridgefield CT residents who want to have their drinking water tested.

Since we offer a variety of testing services, we are often asked to help people determine exactly what water tests will best meet their needs.

We will be happy to help you determine what type of water testing you should do on your home to keep your family SAFE.

Does your drinking water come from a private well or does it come from a city source?  We hear this question a lot. The source of your water is very important. If you have a private well in these areas, you are responsible for making sure it is safe for consumption. If you are on a city water supply, your municipal water supplier is responsible for testing in accordance with USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act.

Keep in mind, even if your water is testing through municipal, there still may be contaminants getting into your water. 

The water potability test is the best option to start with. It tests the basic chemical, physical and bacterial components of the water. This is a good option to consider because it tests for E. Coli and Coliform bacteria, which should be tested at least annually if you have a private well in Pound Ridge NY. This test provides an accurate analysis, which is also useful when determining water treatment needs.

Have a private well?  Water testing regularly is very important for those of us who live in the Northeast. Even if your water doesn’t come from a well, it is still important to know what additives may be in your water.

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Testing of your water by a licensed local water expert is the key to determining if you have a water problem, how to solve your problem and what equipment and service you need to protect your family and home. We can help. We will come test your water, answer all your questions, and recommend best options for your home to have safe water.

Do you have water spots?

Hard water is a common problem in the Northeast, and is the result of mineral buildup in your city or well water, most commonly from calcium and lime. Hard water can reduce the quality of water in your home and may also be driving up your water bills, cleaning costs and more. The signs of hard water are not always obvious, but can have detrimental effects on your home. Hard water can cause corrosive build of scale from mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time, your pipes can clog, water flow can diminish and water pressure will be reduced.

You can avoid this and extend the life of your appliances such as your dishwasher, coffee pot, humidifier and water heater by adding a water softener to your home. In addition to all of the practical advantages of a water softener, there are numerous cosmetic benefits as well

  • Reduce soap scum and scaling while decreasing the use of costly detergents
  • Reduce hard water spots on glasses, shower doors and bathroom fixtures
  • Make household cleaning easier and less expensive
  • Smoother, more luxurious skin and hair
  • Clothes will stay brighter longer and come out of the laundry softer

 Have water rust stains or rotten egg smell?

Let’s face it, if your home’s water is leaving behind rust stains or smells like rotten eggs it can be unpleasant to do everyday tasks like shower or brush your teeth. Churyk Company Inc can help. With over 50 years of experience in the region, Churyk is the area’s water expert and understands the problems facing your community’s water.

Have smelly Water?

As water makes its way from its source to your faucets, it can be exposed to a number of contaminants*. These can come from the miles of underground pipes that the water travels through or even the water source itself. No matter what your water has been exposed to, Churyk has the equipment and experience necessary to find a solution that’s perfect for your water. A few of the more common water odor problems are:

  • Rotten egg odor can be caused by hydrogen sulfide in the soil near your well
  • Musty, earthy or wood smell can be caused by dissolved solids
  • Chlorine smell can be caused by municipal additives
  • Detergent odor water that forms can be due to septic tanks into your ground water well
  • Chemical smells and tastes can be due to high iron content or chemicals seeping into your water supply, such as industrial chemicals or pesticides.

High Iron Content

If you have red or brown deposits in your sinks or drains then you most likely have a high concentration of iron in you water. An excessive level of iron is a common problem in the Northeast due to the geological make up of region’s soil. This means Churyk has a wealth of experience in dealing with high iron content water in your region. Watch out for these signs, as they are common indicators of too much iron in your home’s water:

  • Reddish or red-brown stains on your laundry, plumbing fixtures and cooking utensilse
  • Yellow or orange-colored water
  • Metallic taste to your water


Remember, the only way to be sure of what’s in your water is to have it tested, and Churyk Company can help.

Iron & Acid Staining, low Ph

Iron in your water can be a real inconvenience to deal with. There are many different types of iron that can be in your water. While some types of iron will make your clothes stain red and leave nasty stains all around the house wherever water is found, other types of iron are not as visible, such as iron bacteria. Regardless of the type of iron, you simply do not want it in your water. Churyk Company has iron removal systems that reduce iron from your water.

Acid Water is easily identifiable by the blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures. It eats away at faucets, fittings, and pipes, as well as corrodes water-using appliances. Many of the wells in this area are considered to be shallow which in turn makes your water more accessible to surface runoff.

Often time’s water from a shallow well will produce water with a low PH or acidic water. This water will be more aggressive than water with a “balanced PH”. Soft metals such as copper pipes are at risk with low PH water. The “blue green” stain is from oxidized copper from your own plumbing.

It is very important to balance the ph of your water to keep you from having costly plumbing repairs. It is recommended that your ph be 7 or higher to prevent these types of issues. There are a number of methods for elevating your PH so call us today and we will help better assess.

Solve Chlorine, Bad Taste, & Odor

If your water tastes unpleasant or poorly it is a sign that something may be in your water. A sour, salty, bitter or metallic taste can be a result of high levels of total dissolved solids in your water, most commonly chlorides, sulfates and bicarbonates. Signs of total dissolved solids include:

  • Bad taste to your water
  • Cloudy ice cubes
  • Scaling and spotting on wet surfaces
  • Accumulation of “mineral fur” around faucet outlets
  • A “laxative effect” due to high sulfates

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