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Water Pumps

We provide complete pump installation, replacement and service. We install only the highest quality, most reliable pumps from manufacturers including Franklin Electric and Goulds pumps.  If your pump needs replacing – we can usually do it the same day.

Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment Eliminates: Staining, odors, iron, lead, radon, uranium, nitrates, pesticides, bacteria including E. Coli & Coliform, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Hardness from Excess Minerals, PH imbalance, Sediment and impurities, salts, Chlorides and TDS.

Water Tanks

A water tank is an integral part of most residential water systems.  It is the part of the well system that stores and delivers the water to the home.  The tank uses air pressure in a chamber or diagram to push the water to where it is needed.

Water Testing

We continuously talk to CT and NY residents who want to have their drinking water tested.  Since we offer a variety of testing services, we are often asked to help people determine exactly what water tests will best meet their needs. We will come to your home, pick up samples and deliver directly to the lab. We test for all water issues, including bacteria, lead, Radon, Uranium.

Broken Well Line Repair –  If you notice water bubbling up from the ground or a loss in pressure, it could be a broken well line.   Churyk Pump will come an pressure test your lines. We can excavate and repair all or part of your well line.  Broken well water pipes cause pumps to run continuously, which will eventually burn out your pump.  It is important to address these issues immediately before they create additional problems and costly repairs.

Frozen Well Pipe Repair – Winter cold often results in frozen well lines.  Old well lines exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees will definitely freeze.  Pipes not buried below 3 feet, well pits and well houses are susceptible.  We can thaw lines and install permanent heat tape and heat coils to keep water flowing smoothly.  Freezing will often result in broken and burst pipes, which can be a costly repair.  Let Churyk provide a permanent solution to your frozen well pipes.

Well Inspection – We offer comprehensive well inspections, including visual inspection, pump testing, water quality testing, code violation and more.  We also can fix any items that fail, whether you are a seller or buyer.  Home inspectors often miss key issues involving the well.  It is money well spent to have a dedicated well professional inspect a well system prior to purchasing a home.  Churyk can spot costly problems that might otherwise be missed by a standard home inspection.

Well Maintenance – your well system should be examined periodically to keep it in tip-top shape.  Churyk offers a comprehensive annual check up of your system, including the condition of your well head and cap, your cold water tank, your piping and any treatment and filtration you may have.  Annual maintenance is key to pure water and preventing leaks and floods.  We also recommend periodic testing, including lab testing, to verify your water is potable and safe.  Churyk can test for some issues on the spot or we will gladly pick up lab samples and deliver them for detailed analysis.

Sulfur Smell Removal – Sulfur (Sulphur) or “rotten egg” odor can be a symptom of several issues.  Churyk can test your water to properly eliminate the cause, not just the symptom.  Often, high iron levels will cause bacteria to form.  This is a common course of sulfur smell.  We can address excessive iron at the source, eliminating the bacteria and the rotten egg smell.  Additionally, hydrogen sulfide can also cause the unpleasant rotten egg smell.  Churyk also provides filtration to eliminate hydrogen sulfide gas.

Radon Removal – Radon in water causes more lung cancer than smoking.  We can test for Radon and eliminate it from your water.  Radon bubblers, aerators and carbon filters are the best filters for eliminating radon.  Whole house radon removal can be easily installed, protecting your and your family from the hazardous gas.

Emergency Well Service -Churyk Company has technicians available 7 days a week to handle any emergency including no water, leaks, frozen lines, loss of pressure and more.  All calls are responded to by Churyk employees only.  You will never reach an answering service and will receive a prompt and speedy response to your emergency.

Wells and Well Deepening – While we don’t drill wells anymore, we have an established, long term partnership with a reliable, local well driller, and can seamlessly provide you with a new well, pump system, excavation services and water treatment.  These services are available for a new home, existing home or even re-drilling or deepening an existing well.  Just give us a call and we can help.  We will coordinate your new well drilling from start to finish, taking the guesswork and stress out of the picture. 

Excavation services – We have our own excavator and operator to provide well line trenching, well head repair and water tank burial.  We also install dry well systems for water treatment discharge.  This is all done in house as we handle all of the permitting and “Call Before You Dig” requirements.  This means no subcontractors to get involved.  We do the digging, make the repair or install and backfill.  Same crew handles it all.  Whether it is an emergency or a routine repair or replacement, we have the equipment and manpower to help our customers.  We are fully licensed and insured.

Well head Accessibility – Connecticut and New York have established minimum code heights requirements for well head access.  All wells from 1970 and newer should be at least 12” above ground. This is not only for ease of access but for health and sanitary reasons.  Wells below ground can become compromised.  Well seals break and vermin, bugs and contaminants can get in.  This can create a health hazard.   If your well is not accessible, 12” above ground or you don’t even know where it is, give us a call.  We can find your well with location equipment and raise the casing to code. The time to do this work is BEFORE you have a no water emergency on a weekend. 

Well Cap or Well Seal  – A very important component to keeping your well sanitary is a vermin proof well cap.  Old style vented caps allow everything from spiders to mice to enter your well head.   They can damage the electrical wires and contaminate your water supply.    If you are unsure of what the condition of your well head is, just give us a call.  We will inspect your well cap or seal.  We can replace it with a state approved watertight, bug proof, contamination proof cap or seal, keeping your well water clean and pure.

Low Yield Wells and Pump Protection – If you have a well that occasionally runs out of water or you would like to protect your pump system from burning out due to a leaking toilet, install a PumpTech or QD low water cutoff.  This is an electrical component that senses when the well pump is about to run out of water.  This device will shut the well pump off.  An internal timer will automatically turn the well pump back on after the well has been allowed to fill.  This will prolong the life of your well pump.  These devices are cheap insurance as opposed to the major costs of a well pump replacement.

Sump Pumps – If you have a sump pump in your basement, you should check it at least every year, and replace it every 3-5 years.  If your sump pump is not hooked up to an outlet that is on a generator, you should consider a battery backup system or an inverter system.   These will power your sump pumps even if you don’t have power in the house.  Most power outages are during stormy weather, which is when you need your sump pump to work.  If you don’t have power, you don’t have a sump pump.

Flood Protection and Pump Protection – Consider investing in a flood protection device.  There are a multitude of devices that can detect water leaking on the floor and shut down the well system.  There are auto valves that can shut the main water supply off.  There are others that will shut off water to the house and turn off your well pump automatically.  Some will even send a message to your cell phone alerting you to a potential problem.  You may even get an home insurance discount after the installation is completed.  Churyk has a flood protection system for every budget.

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