Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

Rotten egg smell can be cause by bacteria, excessive iron or hydrogen sulfide gas. Churyk can diagnose the cause and recommend treatment.
If only the hot water smells, we can recommend an adjustment for your hot water heater that generally will eliminate the rotten egg smell.

How do I find my well?

Your well should be above ground with a “mushroom” cap. If you don’t see it, it is possible it is buried. Churyk has many special tools to locate your well.

Is it bad if my well is buried?

Yes. Currently, state codes require that wells be 12″-18″ above grade. This prevents contamination from surface water, bugs and vermin getting into your drinking water. Churyk can raise your well head & install a state approved sanitary well cap.

I'm hearing a lot about "microplastics" and "PFOS/PFAS" in the news? Are there filters for these?

Yes, we can filter your water to remove both of these contaminants. Don’t wait for a test – filter proactively! Call for more details.

Do you offer well inspections for new home buyers?

Yes, we do. Churyk will provide a comprehensive examination of the entire well system, basic water tests and provide recommendations for any issues we discover.

Do you install "salt-free" water softeners?

Salt-free systems are technically not softeners, they are descalers. Descalers encapsulate minerals, reducing scale, but not changing the composition of the water. Softeners remove hardness almost entirely, reducing scale buildup, improving taste & other benefits.

I want to install sprinklers. How do I know if I have enough water?

Churyk Company can flow test your well to determine if and how extensive a system your well can support without affecting your household water supply.

I have an older house. Should I be worried about lead?

Lead fittings and solder are more common in older homes. Churyk can test for and remediate lead issues.

I am getting stains in my sinks, tubs and toilets. What causes this?

Orange stains are usually due to high iron levels. Green stains are due to acidic water leaching copper. Black is often due to high manganese.
Churyk can diagnose the cause and provide a remedy.

Everyone is recommending "Constant Pressure" systems to me? What is your recommendation?

Constant pressure systems can be great, as long as you have a well with a very good flow rate. Churyk has found that the tried and true standard pumps generally work as good if not better than variable speed pumps and generally last longer with less problems. Churyk doesn’t find the need to “upsell”. We prefer a trouble-free system for a satisfied customer.

I cannot reach the company that installed my treatment system. Do you service existing systems?

Churyk can service and maintain all systems that are not proprietary systems. Sometimes adjustments are recommended for optimal water quality.

I am buying bottled water and spending a fortune. Do you offer a quality alternative?

Yes. Churyk can install treatment and filtration that will provide you with better quality water than bottled water and will save you money in the long run. It’s better for the environment too!

Do you install sump pumps?

Yes, we have a sump pump specialist on staff.

Do you install flood detection systems?

Yes, we have several options specifically designed well water systems that will alert you via phone of a leak and automatically shutdown your pump. Most insurance companies offer a premium discount for systems.

I frequently run out of water. What are my options?

Churyk can evaluate your well for possible deepening. If it cannot be deepened, a new well may be needed and we can help. Alternatively, Churyk can offer many customers storage systems with the added benefit of a pressure booster pump. Let us do a no-charge consultation for you.

I am on municipal water and it tastes terrible. Can I install treatment?

Yes. Churyk can come and test what is in your town or city water. Generally, hardness and chlorine are the culprits for poor quality municipal water and we can fix both issues.

Is it possible to look down my entire well?

Yes. Churyk has the camera equipment available to inspect your well from top to bottom.

What kind of water tests are available?

Churyk can do basic testing on the spot for hardness, pH, iron and TDS. We also can bring samples for lab testing for bacteria, chemical/physical analysis, radon, uranium, arsenic, lead, VOC’s, pesticides, heavy metals and so on.